Kitchen Cabinet Refacing

Las Vegas Kitchen Cabinets – Kitchen Cabinet Refacing


If you want a total kitchen transformation, but you simply cannot afford it right now, why not consider the benefits of kitchen refacing? Instead of having to pay for a whole new installation, you can simply pay to reface your current cabinet construction. All it takes are new doors for your cabinets to create a fresh and attractive room that remains functional for all of your family’s kitchen storage needs.


Kitchen Cabinet Refacing: Financial Considerations


If money is tight, you can’t go wrong in choosing kitchen cabinet refacing over a complete makeover with new construction. This is a more affordable option for anyone with kitchen cabinets that are basically in good condition structurally, but they simply need a facelift.


Kitchen Cabinet Refacing: Benefits and Advantages

Several benefits exist when you choose to reface your existing kitchen cabinetry instead of purchasing completely new fixtures. These benefits include each of the following aspects:

  • Less expensive
  • Less time involved
  • Multiple options in finishes, colors, and styles to choose from
  • Fast installation in just a few days’ time
  • Less mess and cleanup
  • Quality construction
  • Excellent craftsmanship
  • Fresh, new look
  • Convenient warranty
  • Satisfaction guaranteed

Kitchen Cabinet Refacing: Wood, Color, Style

While it is important to keep in line with the existing style of your existing cabinetry, you do have options to consider. This is particularly true if your cabinets make use of the full overlay style of doors and drawers that completely hides the facing of your kitchen cabinets.


A wide variety of stains exist for wooden cabinets, including neutral tones that range from light to dark to every shade in between these two. It is important to remember that all types of wood vary in their characteristics, particularly in those that are clearly visible to the naked eye. Wood grains feature knots and variations that are readily apparent. The most popular woods used in kitchen cabinetry today include cherry, maple, oak, hickory, and birch. If you aren’t quite happy with this, you can look into laminate kitchen cabinets that offer a wide assortment of colors that can be used to create a contemporary looking kitchen.