Wood Kitchen Cabinets

Las Vegas Wood Kitchen Cabinets


Available in a wide assortment of styles, wood kitchen cabinets offer quality construction that can be used to create a tasteful appearance for this room that is the heart of the home. They are available in a variety of wood grains, colors, and designs. Since your selection is going to enhance or detract from the decorative appeal of the room, your choice of wooden kitchen cabinets should be carefully considered.


Wood Kitchen Cabinets: Overlays


A key design element of kitchen cabinets is the type of overlay that has been incorporated into its design. The overlay refers to the way that the door rests on the cabinet’s face. Either it leaves a portion of the cabinet’s face visible around the circumference of the door or it hides it completely.

The traditional or standard overlay reveals a narrow swath of the cabinet’s face around the entire perimeter of the door. The result is that the door appears to be framed. Typically, this frame is approximately a half to a full inch in width. Most traditionally styled wood kitchen cabinets make use of the standard overlay.


With the full overlay, the cabinet doors hide the entire face, creating a sleek appearance. It is more commonly used in contemporary kitchen cabinet designs.


Wood Kitchen Cabinets: Wood Types

Different wood types feature variations in grain, hardness, and color. Quite often, they have unique attributes that are specific to that particular type of wood. Five of the most commonly used wood types in kitchen cabinetry are oak, cherry, maple, birch, and hickory.


Oak wood features a coarse grain. The wood is very hard, but features a light coloring. It offers a unique appearance that includes pin knots and streaks.


Cherry wood offers a fine-to-medium grain. It is a hard wood with a moderately dark coloring. Cherry wood cabinets typically feature pin knots.


Maple wood has a fine grain and is very hard. Its coloring is light. Maple wood typically features wavy-like variations in appearance.


Hickory wood has a coarse grain. It is very hard, and its coloring varies. Hickory wood often features burls, specks, and streaks throughout.