Las Vegas Kitchen Cabinets – Kitchen Remodeling


If your kitchen’s look is outdated or simply worn out, it may be time for a kitchen remodel. Your budget and personal tastes are going to determine just how extensive your remodeling project becomes. It is possible that you may simply want a kitchen cabinet makeover with new hardware, or you may want to go the full nine yards and tackle the flooring, walls, window treatments, lighting fixtures, and appliances.


Kitchen Remodeling: Cabinet Makeovers


While you can refinish your existing kitchen doors in order to give them a cleaner, fresher look, it may be easier and quicker to simply complete a cabinet makeover with the installation of new kitchen cabinet doors. The installation of new doors and drawer fronts gives your kitchen a simple makeover that equates to an entirely new appearance.


Kitchen Remodeling: Hardware


It is important not to use the existing hardware when giving your kitchen new cabinetry. Their age and appearance will create a discordant look that takes away from the beauty of your new cabinets and drawers. New knobs and pulls are particularly important when completing a kitchen makeover. Their newness adds to the appeal and attractiveness of your new cabinets and drawers.


Kitchen Remodeling: Cabinet Finish


If your existing cabinetry makes use of the traditional or standard overlays, you’ll want to match the color of your new doors and drawers as closely as possible with the existing ones. Even if the full overlay is featured, you need to take into consideration the side panels of your existing cabinet construction.


Kitchen Remodeling: Additional Changes


Depending on your budget, you may want to consider making additional changes to your kitchen. One of the changes that you may want to include in your kitchen makeover include new countertops. Since this aspect of the kitchen is closest to the majority of your cabinets, you may want to upgrade them to newer ones in order to blend your new kitchen together more fully. Other remodeling ideas include new floors, fresh paint, new woodwork, updated lighting fixtures, and different window treatments. Of course, you should always keep the coloring of your kitchen cabinets in mind since they will remain as one of the major focal points of the room.