European Style

Las Vegas Kitchen Cabinets – European Style

Your kitchen is often the heart of the home. Quite a few styles exist for your design including the European one. It’s a unique style that offers a specific type of construction as well as particular finishes for your kitchen cabinetry.

The European Style Kitchen

Using the term “European Style Kitchen” means more than simply obtaining your kitchens from a European manufacturer. The European Style refers to a type of construction that is boxy in design.

European-style Kitchen Cabinets: Features

True European-style kitchen cabinets follow the exact standards of traditional craftsmanship as far as design and finish. In particular, one of the most distinctive aspects is that this style features the full overlay, in which the entire face of the cabinet’s construction is covered by the door. Also referred to as frame-less construction, the effect that you get is that the kitchen cabinet frame is invisible whenever the cabinet doors are fully closed.

All exposed side panels of the European-style kitchen cabinet are designed to match its front door as well as the front panel for wall units. In the case of base units, side panels that are open to view are built to match the front door of the kitchen cabinet as well as any existing drawers. In most cases, the side panels are constructed to feature the same width as the cabinet doors and drawers to create uniformity in the cabinetry’s appearance.

European-style kitchen cabinets typically feature adjustable leg levelers that are designed with clip-on toe kicks. Most modern kitchen cabinets avoid this feature, although it is quite useful. The leg levelers allow you to adjust your base cabinetry until it is perfectly level, despite any irregularities in your flooring.

European-style Kitchen Cabinets: Finish

The traditional style of European kitchen cabinet often makes use of a wood grain finish, and in some cases, a matte texture. The surface of the exterior portions of the doors, drawers, and side panels might also feature thermo foil doors with a raised surface.

In general, the European-style of kitchen cabinetry offers a highly glossed finish. In contemporary versions of this style, this feature is often created with the use of acrylic, varnish, varnished glass, thermo foil, laminates, or veneer. The kitchen cabinet doors feature a fully smooth surface, giving rise to the term “slab-style doors.”