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Whether you are remodeling your existing bathroom to create more storage space or you simply
want a new look, you should still consider both functionality and attractiveness when making
your selection. Your bathroom vanity should meet your lifestyle needs completely, so you might
want to consider each of the following points.

Baths and Vanities: Simple Pleasure

The bathroom is a great place to get away from life’s challenges. It’s the one place in the home
where you can usually get some alone time. So, why not select an attractive bath vanity that is
stylish despite also being functional. Of course, you may also want to make sure that the bath
vanity that you select matches the existing décor. If you are completing an entire makeover, then
you should coordinate your efforts so that your bathroom décor matches your vanity.

Baths and Vanities: Single or Double Duty

While the dimensions of your bathroom will influence whether you install a single or a double
vanity, you should also consider how many people are going to attempt to use the vanity at the
same time. For example, the master bath is often worthy of a double vanity for two important
reasons. The first of these reasons is that the master bath is generally oversized and roomy
enough to hold a double vanity. Secondly, both you and your partner are more likely to share the
vanity, so the extra space can certainly be quite handy.

On the flip side of the coin, or as in this case, on the other side of the wall, the guest or secondary
bathroom probably does not have sufficient room for a double vanity. Nonetheless, you should
try to select a style that offers plenty of storage space despite its designation as a single vanity.

Baths and Vanities: Style vs. Functionality

Don’t be fooled into thinking that you must sacrifice style for functionality when it comes to the
selection of your bathroom vanity. Lots of different styles are available today, and many of them
are quite attractive. As long as you avoid minimalistic varieties of cabinetry for the bathroom,
you should still be able to get plenty of storage space if you need to install a single vanity style
for the bath.