A&M Kitchen Cabinets

Located in the Las Vegas area, A & M Kitchen Cabinets provides a wide assorted of kitchen cabinetry, making it a one-stop location for all of your refacing and installation needs. Understanding the value of providing quality cabinets at affordable prices, this Las Vegas company provides kitchen cabinet designs of varying prices. Their skillful craftsman install quality constructed kitchen cabinets per the customer’s specifications.


Whether you are remodeling an existing home, installing new kitchen cabinetry in a hand-me-down family home, or redoing a rental or vacation property, this Las Vegas kitchen cabinets provider is fully prepared to complete any size project from start to finish. If interested, customers can request a free 3D design of their kitchen to get a better idea of the viability and user friendliness of the cabinet style they have selected.


Most kitchens feature two standard styles of cabinets – the wall cabinet and the base cabinet. Each style has its purpose in the kitchen, primarily that of maximizing storage capacity.


Wall Cabinets for Kitchens


Designed for installation upon the wall above the level of the counter-tops, wall cabinets typically feature solid or glass doors and adjustable shelves. They are sold in a wide variety of heights, including 12, 15, 18, 30, 36, and 42 inches. Wall cabinets usually feature a number of shelves, which varies depending on the height of the cabinets.


Las Vegas Base Cabinets


Featuring thicker construction for the back and bottom panels, base cabinets for the kitchen generally match the wall cabinets above them in width. Base cabinets sit on the floor. Their tops are covered with counter-tops.


Two basic styles of kitchen base cabinets exist. The first one involves a single drawer on the upper portion of the frame and one or two shelves beneath. This style generally features a solid door. The second style usually includes several drawers stacked one above the other. Two exceptions to this rule include the base cabinet for the sink which does not have a drawer or shelf of any kind in order to accommodate the sink and plumbing apparatus and the corner base cabinet that features shelves only, which may or may not provide a lazy Susan turnstile.